Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well folks, I am glad to say.... today was a much better day!
Sometimes I get the feeling with blogs that everyone is depicting their perfect, tidy, organized lives to the world. And that just sits weird with me right now, because that is not my current daily life. The signs of winter have finally hit my emotional state, and I've been really depressed lately, struggling to enjoy life and can't seem to find inspiration or intimacy. I was thinking today on the bus that I shouldn't be ashamed of how I'm feeling. They are real, honest, raw emotions, and I'm not going to try to hide them. I think we would be surprised by how many people also feel this way, if we were to just be honest. So here I am, just being real with you. But like I was saying..... today was actually a really good idea! This is largely in part to the lovely Cara Mason for making me laugh during class and the one of a kind Annie Braun for a comfortable, real, life-giving skype date!

So with new-found inspiration, here are some of my latest loves and treasures:

i am going to have stairs like these!


  1. Richelle, I just adore you.
    You're like, best friend material.
    I know you wanna do Brush Fire with the fiance, but when you have time, we should have our own Brush Fire date.

  2. Ok, here is some more inspiration I just came across and I thought of you for some reason (I think it's the cereal and remembering how at this time of year 3 years ago, we were having a cereal party in me and Elya's room!) Anyway, I want to have one of these and although it seems slightly excessive for a one year old's party, it seems like sooo much fun! Love you!

  3. Cara!!!! I would be THRILLED to have a brushfire date with you!!!!! YA!!!!!!!

    jenni, that link didn't work for some reason... hmmmm, try again?

  4. nevermind i got it to work!
    oh my freaking goodness!!!! i want to have that at my wedding!!!!!!