Thursday, March 10, 2011

cornerstone apartments (our new [soon] home)

yes! this has got me super duper excited! 
on sunday, our dear friend/marriage councillor/officiant and now landlord(!) Larry allowed us to check out our apartment one last time before we get possession on April 15 (eeee!) They (Larry and his wife Odia) are doing a bunch of work on the apartment before we move in, so I wanted to take some 'before' pictures. I know I should wait till I have the 'after' pictures, and our stuff is all moved in and looking pretty, but i just can't! I need to show you now, because I am just too gosh darn tootin excited!

Without further udo, here is our bright, sunshiney, refreshing, beautiful soon-to-be new home!

first room up: the bathroom!

first "bedroom"!
this room doesn't have a window so it can't really be called a bedroom, however i think we'll make this our bedroom because it gets nice and dark at night. Also, this leaves another bedroom (with window!) available for a sunny studio/office space.... 

hall closet space, which they are refinishing to be nice and fresh!
so glad to have so much storage space!

second bedroom/studio/office space!
 yes! this means my guests get their own room when they come over for nights! yay for guests!

dining area! so. much. space.

looking into the beautiful kitchen from the hallway.

afternoon sunlight streaming into the white kitchen

view of the dining area from the kitchen

yes, that is a dishwasher. no big deal!

view of the kitchen from the dinning area.... don't you love those lights?!?!

more pretty, modern lighting!

and at the end of the hall: our gigantic living room!
(sadly the fireplace doesn't work.... but it is being beautified with some nice gray tile and white paint! can't wait to see the finished product!)

living room view from the other side

well, hope you enjoyed the "before" tour!
can't wait to show you what it looks like when we move in!



  1. so exciting, Richelle! love the kitchen's brightness and openness and the living room is HUGE! you are going to make this a lovely home :)

  2. Beautiful!
    You'll have to pull out a cot into the extra bedroom for Ken and I on weekends.
    It's going to happen. We WILL be couple friends.