Tuesday, April 19, 2011

removing sticky labels

okay so my new lovely white dishes all have a silly sticker on them, that leaves a sticky gooey mess when taken off! so i searched the internet for answers to this problem. i came across this video on Apartment Therapy and found it utterly hilarious. is this guy hysterical or is it just me?

Watch Here!

But seriously, does anyone have any good home remedies to remove sticky labels?


  1. gu (gue? goo?) gone? Thats what its forrrr!

  2. any kind of oil...vegetable oil, olive oil, baby oil. Just (sc)rub the sticky area and it should come right off.

  3. oooooo, thank you!

  4. Anonymous20.4.11

    Goo-Gone is definitely a miracle worker. You'll know once you use it.
    -Ainsley M