Saturday, June 18, 2011

fabric pendants

okay so i found this diy tutorial off pinterest a while ago, and have made a couple of them to see if i like them..... so now i need your opinion! what do you think of these? colours? patterns? i have many more fabrics i want to try too! do you think people would pay for these? if so, how much? please respond!



  1. Anonymous18.6.11

    Love love love the floral one! I like the other ones too, except the long ones are a little reminiscent of those solid-plastic barcode tags that they slip into clothing? Do you know what I mean? Maybe with a bolder pattern...

  2. haha yes, definitely. i have lots more patterned fabrics to play around with! You should sign your name when you leave a comment, so I know who you are! :)