Friday, July 8, 2011

friday fun stuff!

I thought I'd post some fun stuff before the weekend! Little randoms here and there! 
To start off, I FINALLY have my jewellery organized! Ya!
Found this fabulous idea off Pinterest. I wanted to do it for a while but couldn't find the right vintage rake, but then my husband (crazy to say that!) found one in his parent's machine shed, and he cleaned it all nice for me, what a guy!

 This is my latest new favourite part of the apartment, my craft area!
All of my fabrics, glue guns, supplies, everything(!), it's all organized neat and tidy in this adorable shelving unit! Isn't it awsome?!

 Here is my good friend Jenny sporting her new ReFresh Rosette Necklace, made by me!
It looks good on her hey?!

Contact me at to order yours!
only $12!
Lots of different sizes and colours available!

Lastly, we got to babysit are cute niece and nephew yesterday and took them for a nice walk!
Aren't they precious!?
I just love this photo!

Well, thats all folks!
We're going camping this weekend with Ryan's family in the States!
Going to be a blast!
Pictures to come on Monday!

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