Sunday, January 16, 2011

life is art


  1. Hi Richelle,I discovered your blog the other day and saw this lovely quote and have been pondering it for a couple of days. Had a good discussion over it at my breakfast club this morning. I think it is true - we have come to think of art in a particular way, however all of life is art as we are created by a Creator and made in His image. Thanks - are these your words?
    Karen Boldt (Jenni's mom)
    p.s. haven't had you for pizza in far too long - drop in when you come to Hepburn next!

  2. Karen!
    Wow, SO GOOD to hear from you! What a surprise! A delightful one at that!
    I agree whole heartedly with your response towards the quote. They are not my words, and I'm not sure whose they are. I found them, loved them, and wanted to share them!

    I will be sure to stop by for pizza next time I'm there!