Saturday, January 8, 2011

"fresh" is fresh off the press!

Well folks, here's to a new beginning!

I have deleted my facebook (well for the most can still message me, but that's about it) and have started a blog. What led to this decision you ask? I will write about that at a later date. More about the blog for now....

My new blog is meant to inspire. Since I'm in the middle of wedding planning, I have spent numerous hours on wedding blogs, seeking inspiration. Not only have these blogs given me countless wonderful ideas for a handmade wedding, they have inspired me to track my own journey: from wedding planning, to fine art school, to art/creativity in daily life.

A word I'm huge on right now is 'fresh'. I'm digging styles that are clean, simple, white, organic, pastel.... FRESH! Hence, the title of the blog.... this will most likely change as times change so I can keep it 'fresh'!

Stay tuned for new handmade ideas, photos of current artwork, inspiration, wedding invitations and more!


1 comment:

  1. Love that style. gonna be a rad wedding! Have you checked out Frankie magazine? I think its got some pretty sweet stuff to keep fresh inspiration and creativity going in your brain.