Monday, January 10, 2011


Here are some of my latest joys in wedding planning, hopefully this gives you just a TASTE of what the wedding will be like!

vintage dishes from MCC! 
Since our wedding is entirely outdoors and a picnic (yes, a PICNIC!) we had to decide if we wanted to rent dishes or just use paper dishes. Since renting can get quite expensive, and paper dishes are not environmentally friendly, we decided to buy vintage dishes from the local thrift stores! At 10-20 cents a plate this is a very affordable solution, that looks super cute and fits our vintage themed picnic perfectly! So far, we have 75 and need about 75 more, so if you find some, let me know!!

 wedding party dresses!
Here are just 4 of the 6 dresses the girls will be wearing (if you did the math, that makes a wedding party of 12! 14 including me and Ryan!) Our aim with the wedding party was to not feel limited to size. We see it as a bunch of awsome friends, that we want to be part of our day. All the dresses are totally different, except for one thing: they all have a small floral print with a pastel colour scheme. All purchased of Mod Cloth.

fabric triangles!
This is one of my favourite design ideas: fabric triangle streamers. These streamers will be hung all over the yard, creating a whimzical environment, mmmmmmm love! All the fabric came in roles, big and small, for an average of 10 cents a role! You guessed it, the local MCC!

Hope you enjoyed the taste of what's to come!
Feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to know who's reading!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!
    I'm so delighted your wedding will represent YOU guys!! I've been to enough "cookie cutter weddings" to last a life time!!! Very fun, very environmental, and very....FRESH!!

  2. I'm already in love!
    Let me know if/when you make a widget so I can add you to my blog!

  3. what is a widget cara?
    and how do i make one?!

  4. This looks like it may well be the best and most fun wedding of all time!

  5. Hey Richelle,
    First off, great blog! LOVE the invite, WOW! I found you from your fiance's blog, someone was talking about his photography, and here I find you :)
    I wanted to offer you some plates. We have a big stash, just like in your pic from MCC. We used them for our Grand Opening. You're more than welcome to come and see if they'd work. I think we have about 50?

  6. WOW! That would be spectacular! How much would you charge to rent them for the day?
    I'll let you know the next time I'm in the area to see if it works to come check them out, thanks so much Megan, you are great!