Tuesday, January 11, 2011

burlap invitations!

Allright friends! Here are some photos of our LOVELY invitations! We are super duper excited about them! The whole time we were making them, I was just beaming!

The picture and map are drawn by me and and then our good friend, Jadyn Klassen coloured them in and edited them on the computer. We bought 400ft of burlap (mostly for decorating on the wedding day) but wanted to use them for the invitations too! My dad cut out all the burlap pieces, my mom sewed on the buttons and sewed up the pouches, while Ryan and I "tied all the knots" to join them together!
A HUGE thankyou to Jadyn, my mom and dad, and Randall and Kim for letting us use their corner rounder!

 We bought all buttons from MCC for 20 cents!!

 The string you see tying the invitations together is actually strips of burlap! We were going to buy hemp and use that, but then discovered the burlap frays so easily, so we were EXTRA resourceful and just stripped pieces of burlap to get the strings!

All the photos are done by my lovely fiance, Ryan Bergen!



  1. This makes me wish I could re-do my invites!
    They're so beautiful! Great work!

  2. AMAZING! Both your invites and this BLOG! wooo!
    I will keep reading :)
    (and commenting!)

  3. thanks cara and sheralyn!!!!

  4. Hi Richelle
    I saw your invitations in person(your Mom brought them to work). They are so neat!!! I love your idea of a vintage wedding.
    Miss Gracie's house (blog) is featuring her daughter's vintage wedding. Here is her site www.missgracie'shouse.blogspot.com. Looking forward to seeing more ideas:)

  5. I love this invitation!! And your picnic wedding!! You have such talent in art...

    What is the size of the invitation?

  6. Hi Deasy!
    Thanks so much!
    The size of the invitations are 4inches x 4inches.

    This blog has been discontinued, but I have transferred everything over to my new blog: www.maehandmade.com
    check it out!

    Thanks again for the feedback!