Friday, February 25, 2011


okay people! wow! i have gotten numerous comments about this vague baby post which all made me laugh. sorry for the confusion folks, let me clarify.... 
no, i am not pregnant.
no, i do not plan on having a baby for at least 5 years!

haha! the reason i wanted to have a baby post was for all the newborn babies in my life right now! these past few weeks have been crazily filled with babies, babies and more babies! So here are some lovely pictures dedicated to all the new little people....

Adorable little girls room

alphabet wall!

I thought this was a super idea! Instead of putting away all your child's colourings in a box, frame them all into one big piece! it looks awsome!

love the colours!

clear baby crib. love.

adorable vintage tricycles.

a great quote to frame in your baby's room.

need i say anything at all?

awsome, but expensive, idea. but could be done on just part of the wall too!

this photo reminds me of my Neudorf cousins!

Without further ado...
Welcome to the world....

Rayna Jade Miller. 6 lbs 9oz
Parents: Amber and Ryan Miller

Oliver Abbot Gilson. 9 lbs 2oz
Parents: Holly and Matt Gilson

Jadyn Eve Thiessen. 8 lbs 13oz
Parents: Alyssa and Mike Thiessen

Olivia Katelynn Jede. 6 lbs 9oz
Parents: Melissa and Mark Jede

Carter John Dyck. aprox 10 lbs!
Parents: Jodie-Rae and Mitchell Dyck

yay for babies!
i love you all!
and can't wait to get numerous snuggles in!

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