Friday, February 18, 2011

for the home

well, as some of you already know, Ryan and I are going to be spending our first year of marriage living in Altona! I am quite excited about this, as it allows us to be closer to friends and family. This past year I have very much missed my home church and community, especially all my friends in grades 9-12! We're actually going to live right next door to the church, in a super cute, character apartment! I am very excited to move in and make it home! I have become addicted to white, fresh, airy spaces in any living place, and here is some of my homely inspirations.....

..... i can dream, right?!

coming up soon:
baby post!


  1. bah ha!
    because there have been so many babies born in the last little while!

  2. No joke, yesterday I wrote a blog post almost exactly like this.
    I wrote it for my "stuff I like sunday" and just hadn't published it yet.
    Parallell lives I tell ya!

  3. I gasped a little when I read "coming up soon: baby post!" haha...hurray for settling into plans for your first year! can't wait to hear more about it!