Saturday, February 5, 2011


For years I have said "I hate valentines day".
But this year, I am realizing that I actually love this season celebrating love! I still think the actual day of Valentines is over-rated, a commercial bonanza to get us to spend money on useless things, and just all together awkward.... "oh, thank you for these flowers that you feel obligated to give me because every other person in the world is giving flowers to their women, thanks" 
And yet..... the weeks leading up to Valentines are fun! Things are pink and red, cute and pretty, frilly and lacey. I like it. I enjoy seeing people get creative to express their love to their love! Handmade cards, diy projects... I wish the world was this motivated to show love year round!

Here are some of my favourite valentine lovelies, from cards to diy to just plain pretty!

crayon hearts! I know what I'm doing this weekend!

happy saturday all!

The Cookies: Martha Stewart
The Cards: re-posted from Green Wedding Shoes and....


  1. so lovely!!
    where did you find these pictures!?
    (I think you may need to reference the sources for pictures, to respect artistic properties and copyrights)

  2. Somebody's been playing on Pinterest, eh?

  3. sheralyn, consider it DONE!!!!

    karis, YES! I love Pinterest, you too?!?

  4. Oh SO addicted! What's your username? I want to see all the things you've pinned!

  5. Ah! I don't have my own username because you have to be invited apparently???? can YOU invite me???
    it's driving me nuts not to be able to pin my own things!
    whats your username?