Tuesday, March 22, 2011

botanical paperworks

i got the most lovely card in the mail today from my dear friend Elya! First of all, who doesn't appreciate a bright lime green envelope in their hands? The colour alone is enough to make you smile! After opening it, I found out the card was locally made by Botanical Paperworks. They are an amazing local business that specializes in seed paper that you plant, and then grows! Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!

isn't the card great? iced mint green tea! i can't wait to plant that paper and drink my tea! let's just hope i have better luck with this plant..... most of mine tend to die, like this one....

anyways, Botanical Paperworks sells everything from wedding invitations to plantable notebooks, so check em out! best of all, they're right here in Winnipeg! You can go to their website here.


  1. Thanks for the mention Richelle, we love hearing positive feedback like this!

  2. We sell these cards at our store, Richelle! So nice!