Wednesday, March 23, 2011

happy birthday fiance!

Today is Ryan's birthday! It has been quite the birthday so far, let me tell you! At 12:01 this morning I gave Ryan his long awaited birthday present. I have been waiting for MONTHS to give him his gift and it has tested and tried every inch of my big mouth not to give it away. I first gave him a modern set of Geo espresso cups....

THEN...... I brought in his very special big box containing....... wait for it.......


Having worked at Starbucks for the past several months, Ryan has really developed an appreciation for good quality espresso. About two months ago Ryan and I registered for this machine at Home Outfitters for our wedding, and pretty much the next day I went and bought it for him!
Happy Birthday Fiance!
(this is the only birthday I will ever be able to say that, so I have to say it a lot)

It gets better though....
We also attended the EQ3 Warehouse Sale today! We got there right at noon, when the doors opened (it felt like boxing day!) So we ended up doing a pre-wedding shopping spree. The deals were AMAZING! We found and bought a couch we love, for half price! 
Isn't it beautiful?!

We also got a 4 post bed frame, benson computer chair and willow sheet set! 
Successful trip? I think so. This birthday goes down in the books.

Happy Birthday Babe!


  1. In the words of Elaine from Seinfeld, in response to your purchases at EQ3:
    "SHUT UP!"
    Is that really the couch you got!?
    In the same color!?!
    It's amazing!!!
    I can not WAIT to see your apartment! ...which will mean coming over for a latte of course ;)

  2. yes!
    and yes! same colour!

  3. Wow! That does top most birthdays!