Tuesday, May 10, 2011

today, i love my life.

today's post is very scatter-brained and all over the place!
but basically the idea is.....
today, i love my life!

i love painting! especially when i can paint things for a certain space. i recently created this painting for our living room to bring out the yellow and greens in our cushions. i'll post a picture of it actually on the wall soon.

i love wedding crafting! i mean, i LOVE it!
crafting all these thing for my wedding makes me want to be a wedding planner, so i always have an excuse/reason to craft!

Ryan and I are SOOOO extremely thankful for all the shower gifts we have received. 
Seriously, we had NOTHING for the kitchen when i moved in here, and now we have so much! 
this wrapping job is my absolute favourite, makes me smile everytime i see this picture!

 i love thrift shopping, especially at MCC.
the next few photos are my purchases from today!
ok, i always see this for sale at home stores, and in people's houses, but....
what are they for exactly? even though i dont know their purpose, i love them!

i am soooo pleased with this find! 4 pastel, surprisingly modern and cute mugs!
i LOVE how they stack!

these super thrifty and hip new shoes!

okay, so i got this last week, but i love it so much. 

I also love.....
having an incredibly handsome fiance that works at Starbucks.
and i love it when he comes with lot of goodies!

Another thing i love: morning visits with good friends, filled with sharing,
 gift giving, baby cuddling and tea!
I especially love when my visitor drops off a BEAUTIFUL picnic basket
for our wedding! I think this one will be the bride and groom "head table"
 it folds out like a table! how neat!

Lastly, I love life because I am getting married in....

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  1. This is the first time I've seen this....
    You make me so happy!