Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i was about to blog about my day and how much progress i made and everything i accomplished. but then i caught myself defining progress as "things to get done" and was frustrated with myself. i have been trying to redefine my definition of what qualifies as something 'worthy' enough to spend my time on. not having a conventional job, i struggle daily with how i spend my time. i started off feeling guilty for having a nap in the afternoon, or reading in the sunshine or just sitting and thinking. why is it that i only feel like i've 'accomplished' something when it's chores, grocery shopping, cleaning or mainly, MAKING MONEY! i need something to show for all that i got done. but that is not the standard i want to set for my life. i want to value vulnerbility,  transparency, maturity, imagination, etc etc. so yes, when i take a nap, i am refreshing myself and am better for it! when i sit and read, i am exercising my brain muscles and caring for my soul. when i surf blogs for hours on end, i am tapping into my inspiration source creating a life filled with passion, art and joy! i am re-learning how to care for myself, and it is a beautiful thing. 

here is a painting i finished recently inspired by the beautiful begonias in my parents yard!


  1. Love. Everything about this post. Beautiful.

  2. I have so often struggled with that very same idea. If only life didn't require money sometimes and I could learn to value those same things.

  3. why can i not post a comment? dad

  4. Anonymous2.7.11

    OH... that worked.
    What i wanted to say is that you are wiser than you know baby girl. dad